Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Toraware's App Now Accessible for an Android Install

Two days ago my toraware app got published in Google's Play Store.
(I needed a Private Policy for my site because children can use it too.)

For some strange reason, inside the Play Store, upon searching for "toraware", scores of Chinese apps appear in the results well before mine. My app appear somewhere near the bottom of that very long list.

To get around that problem, I added an image link on my website, in the form of an icon at the bottom right, and now the user can link to the Play Store -- with my app already "found" for him, to have it installed. There's no need for the user to do a search for my app because the my link's API finds the app with pinpoint precision, bringing the user one click away from an install!

The new Home Page of today, sporting its new icon link, is shown below:

The iPhone version will not be pursued. For one thing, it requires a $100 yearly fee. And this website, as well as its app, are free and generate no income. Google's Play Store charges a one-time $25 fee. I think Apple should pay the developers, and not that developers should pay Apple!

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