Monday, December 11, 2017

"Find a Phrase" -- A Powerful Tool in its Own Right

This (46th) version of Toraware’s search program sports a new “Find a Phrase” rendition. The earlier version had some problems. Now the code is extremely streamlined, bound to yield quick, accurate results.

This method searches words in the same order as the user enters them (separated by spaces), thus the use of the word “phrase”.

Unlike “Find a Word”, where there’s an option to match the letters in any order, in “phrase” searching your words are assumed to be in their natural (same) order, as well as the letters you stipulate. The "Find a Word" method searches for one word only. The "Find a Phrase" method seeks multiple words in a verse.

“Find a Phrase” options offers 4 ways to search.

1) You can seek words with only part of the words you’re seeking. E.g., you can search צם, and the word in the verse מצרים would register as a “hit” - under the "INCLUDE my letters" option.

2) You can specify the words you want should be exactly as keyed in. This is the "ONLY my letters" option.

3) & 4) You can also specify in either of the above searches that you want your words in adjacent sequence ("Consecutive words" option); Or you can opt for "Not necessarily", where the words could be found with other words intervening, i.e., they'll appear in the verse, but not consecutively.

As always -- read the title of the Results Page to remind you which options you specified; You needn't go back to the Options Page to see.

Suppose you want to find where in Tanach we have 8 words in a possuk with the following letters in them, respectively:
א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח

You'd get the results shown on the right (click image to enlarge it).

Note: How you spell your own words for the search is important because you do NOT need to include all letters of the word. For example, often the letter “vov”, the grammatical letter with the sound “Oh” (or “oy” according to others) is absent, so it’s best to exclude it. E.g., if you search for יעקוב you'll miss יעקב, but if you search for  יעקב, you'll get them all. As long as the main letters of the root are in the word, this search can find the phrase.

This fix I believe renders the search engine just as I initially conceived it to work fine. Perhaps now, if free time avails itself, I'll try convert it to a mobile app. As you can see from my compact design, button placements and functionality, I had that very goal in mind from the very beginning. Although for now I'm real happy for this website version. It's a good little tool that I myself often use.

Now at version 46.