Saturday, October 15, 2016

The United Nations' Attempt to Corrupt Jewish History

Concerning the UN's recent declaration regarding Jerusalem, where parts thereof were given Gentile ownership, the simple solution is, simply, as I commented on another site:

A simple solution is
-- to exit the U.N. --
simply by invoking the Bible (Torah)
as it was foretold by a Gentile prophet,
in Balak 23:9, that the Jewish nation
“will dwell on their own” and where
“Gentiles have no account.”
כי מראש צרים אראנו ומגבעות אשורנו הן עם לבדד ישכן ובגוים לא יתחשב

And, if that weren’t enough, Israel

can quote Moses (Ha’azinu 32:12), that
“God Himself will mentor the Jewish
ד׳ בדד ינחנו ואין עמו קל נכר

I easily and immediately found the quotations using the "" program:

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Google Analytics Added

I note a significant degradation in my Home Page's opening, now that I added Google's Analytics' code into my code. It's only an additional 300 Kb, but the time it takes to run the script definitely reduces the speed of my earlier version without this code.

The degradation appears every time Home Page is visited or revisited. I particularly note my two buttons take too long to disappear.

For now I'll keep it active, nevertheless, just to see what benefits accrue with Google's tracking code.