Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Toraware App is Born

It would have been impractical to take the present deployed version of Toraware and transform it into an app because many of its methods are not of practical use. As a constant user of my own software, the most common methods I use are, at most 3, but surely 2 of them. The rest are added just in case somebody has use of these eccentric searches.

I always use the Find a Word and Find a Phrase methods. These two I put to constant use. The only other one I'd occasionally use is the Gematria method, and even then, only one of its options.

So my app, to serve as a practical program, was narrowed down to but TWO methods:
Find a Word, and
Find a Phrase.

An app, to be widely available, should fit onto an Android, an iPhone or iPad, or on a Windows mobile gadget.

This proved rather difficult because I did not know all the native languages of these platforms. It would take me too long to learn.

Luckily, when I first started out creating toraware.com, I already had in mind to aim it as a mobile application. As for how it would eventually land on these devices, I left for later. As the chasidic saying goes, "think good and it'll therefore turn out good!"

Sure enough, because of new software recently created by Google, instead of spending years to learn individual languages, I needed to spend mere days to accomplish. In so doing save paying a yearly developer's fee to Apple, to create for their platform.

What's this new technique to deploy across several platforms with the same code? It's a new technology that just recently came into being, called PWA (Progressive Web Application).

Also, the GitHub website came along and provided me with a website on which to deploy my site securely, security being a key issue for PWA, for free. Then, by adding a few files here and there, my PWA was born.

So, finally, you can now get this free app. Here's how:
Using Chrome, type in https://toraware.github.io, and then "Add to Home Screen".

Hope you'll try it, and I hope you'll give me feedback. Trust me, once you get used to it, it'll really come in handy for you!