Monday, July 10, 2017

Navigational Buttons Repositioned

The Results Page (which displays the “hit list”) presented a problem when that list contained many hits, because scrolling down to view more hits hid the Back button that was situated near the top of the browser’s window.

In that case, new users would probably hit the browser's back button if they wished to return to Home Page or to the Options Page -- instead of scrolling back up using my "Back button"! Using the browser's Back icon expels the user from, besides losing the user's place and the options he/she selected.

Because this site was designed to eventually also be used also on a mobile device, it was created with a simple two-button navigational system, operable only with the two buttons the program itself provides dynamically.

So how was the problem solved? By not requiring the user to scroll up to the top of the list to bring the button into view. The Back button now is always in view. No more scrolling up to see it is necessary.

One swift, simple change fixed the problem. Two or 3 lines of CSS3 code did the trick.  The buttons are now "anchored” to the bottom of the browser's window, always present. Hopefully this will help prevent the user from hitting the browser's navigational buttons.

   ~ ~ ~ ~

Another minor change was introduced as well: The "geometric possukim" options now have a 3rd option, where both square and triangular features are shared by the same possuk. (It turns out this combination always yields only possukim that are triangular of 8 and square by 6.)