Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New Option for "Find a Word" Method

Often, in looking up a Hebrew word in Tanach, the word may have prefixed letters attached to it because in Hebrew these additional letters act as additional words, unlike in English where extra words are used rather than elongating the word with prefixed letters.

For example, "to Moses", "and Moses", "like Moses", "with Moses", "via Moses", "at Moses", "and by Moses", etc. -- all these terms comprise only one word in Hebrew word. Hebrew accomplishes this simply by affixing a letter or two in front of the word, extending the length of the word by one or two or more letters.

To ignore these prefix letters for your search, which you often consider insignificant, it is now possible to use "Find a Word" using a new option, now introduced, namely, letting you specify "My ENDING Letters".  Insignificant prefix letters can thus be ignored to find your word.

So, in this example, if you were just looking for words that contain Moses, you can specify "משה", use the option "My ENDING Letters", and words ending with your 3-letter word will show up without having to know beforehand exactly what insignificant letters begin the word.

With this option you'll get hits such as:

Now at version 51.