Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Kri/Ksiv Option Delayed

Tanach, after all, comes in two versions. So far, the only database available is the Ksiv version.

Toraware wants to provide the option to also search the Kri database. I would have added this to the Home Page as the 3rd global parameter, in addition to Range and HitLimit parameters (see red arrow).

But I ran into technical problems. How do I dynamically modify an external file's reference? The additional database will now sit in reserve until I figure this out. Apparently the use of "jQuery" will resolve this obstacle, but this will take time to learn, if I get to it. I also don't know if I should use two SCRIPT tags to require initial download of both files.

But my failure turned out to be a blessing in disguise. During creation of the new Kri database, I found several mistakes I had made in the original Ksiv database. The amount of corrections was significant. (Wherever more than one kri-ksiv instance occurred in the same possuk, there I erred in my original editing.)
The Home Page display meanwhile also got a slight facelift, in my attempt to present the Search Range as more intuitive to the first-time user.