Thursday, December 29, 2016

Entire Tanach Now Available

Boruch Hashem, I'm ecstatic to report that all of Tanach is now accessible.

Note: If you want to search all of Tanach, set the 1st parameter (Start) to
בראשית, and the 2nd parameter (End) to דברי הימים ב׳.
The default range set, if left unchanged, starts with בראשית and ends with וזאת הברכה.

The database (the entire תנ׳׳ך), as I configured it, stands at 3.0 Mb. (That's not too bad considering there are roughly 1,200,000 letters in Tanach.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hoshea and Amos

Pumped out Hoshea and Amos to join the database.

Update: Yoel too is now included.

Finally - First Comment from a Surfer

Finally I got a comment, from a friend who's long been involved in computerization.
He wrote "The look and feel AND human interface is beautiful!"

He made my day!

The program is a neat browser program that uses only 3 (dynamically configured) pages;
A Home page, an Options page and a Results page.

All commentary is welcome!

Wishing everyone a
  Happy \\\\|//// !

Monday, December 19, 2016

Melachim A & B and Esther Included

Boruch Hashem, Sefer Melachim has now been added to the database.

Also added Esther! I'm on a roll.

The database size now is 2.3 Mb. I say this wondering how much my program can bare a burden. It's interesting because on the face of it, from its external appearance (of Home Page, Options Page or Results Page), nothing has changed (just that its load is now rather heavier than last time).

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Boruch Hashem, this one more sefer is now included into the database, whose size now stands at 1.8 Mb.
Also added Yirmiyahu; Database now at 2Mb.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Gematria of Donald John Trump

After 2,000 years of Jewish exile, the world is in transformation, becoming what will be for its remnant Jewry a utopia (dubbed the "Era of the Complete and Irreversible Redemption"). This process seems easier to detect with time. The Jewish People, and in turn the rest of the world, are now in Redemptive mode with things advancing rapidly.

“Gematrias” and the like, which many “Geulah” blogs herald as indicative or significant, I find rather amateurish because they post their facts after the fact, and, more importantly, their results are speculative. The one I present here is similarly speculative. The find is never a clear one.

With "Trump findings" too, results are wishy-washy, as for example when they use only part of his name. I suppose people feel enchanted by a mathematically divine sanction.

Here’s one I found, for what it’s worth. I present it only because it's rather timely and maybe because I'm just hopeful.

The name used here, of paternal association, as gentile identity is considered, is:
"Donald John son of Fredrick Christ Trump".

The Hebrew gematria of this name
דונאלד גון בן פרדריק קרייסט טראמפ
is 1519.

Two successive possukim in Tehillim (136:17-18) add up to that sum.
Here’s the finding:
You can test this for yourself* at!
למכה מלכים גדלים כי לעולם חסדו
ויהרג מלכים אדירים כי לעולם חסדו
To Him Who smote great kings, for His kindness is eternal.
And slew mighty kings, for His kindness is eternal.

For what it’s worth, it could be understood as - referring to a mighty power who smites the mightiest  opposition and breaks the hold of tyrannical government, by the grace of God.

And just who might these felled giants be? The War of Gog & Magog is, after all, now ongoing (link). Seems to me it suggests that Donald Trump, a special soul, a good man of decent intentions, is a messenger of God, sent to pave the way for humanity to appreciate goodness and kindness, and to protect the Jewish People, in the specific era that debuts just before the Era of Ultimate Redemption materializes in all its glory.

(This, in contrast to the scum that preceded him, who, had his ilk succeeded in wresting away the presidency, aimed to submerge America and the world into an abysmal destiny. (See HERE for such insights.)

* On toraware's Option Page, pick these options to see the above result:

Corrections in Yehoshua

Sorry to say I found kri-ksiv errors in my Yehoshua database, and now hopefully they're gone!

(Minor Facial Change:
There is Parshat "Shoftim", and then there is the Sefer "Shoftim", so I made appropriate textual changes to distinguish the two.)