Monday, September 3, 2018

Yet Another Option for FIND A WORD Method

The "Find a Word" method now has yet another new option to help you find the word you seek. (With all these options you now have available, you'd be hard-pressed not finding the word you want.)

This new option is called "my letters in SEQUENCE". It means it'll find all words that contain your input string of letters in sequence, i.e., back to back. (The radiobutton's label should read
"my letters INCLUDED in SEQUENCE"
but I was short on space, so I compromised on the wording.)

For example, if you wish to find a word containing the letters "ראש" in sequence within a word, then the word "בראשית" would show up (given, of course, that you set your Search Range to include Parshah בראשית within your scope.

Now at version 52.

(Not that all combinations are of equal significance, but each new option actually multiplies the number of combinations available. Having added one to the lower set of options, of which there now are 5, along with the two options in the upper set, now gives the user 10 combinations of options and corresponding results.)