Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sefer Yeshayahu Added to the Database

Just added the sefer Yeshayahu to the database.

When I count the number of possukim I added, that is, the number of possukim in the whole sefer of Yeshayahu, I come up with 1290, which is 5 short of what the sefer shows in the "סימנים" section at the end, in small print. There it states the total is 1295!

I have one or two more such discrepancies but I remain entirely ignorant as to why. Will appreciate if someone can solve this riddle for me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New "Count" Method Implemented

A new search method now allows you to count parshas, prokim, psukim, words and letters, in your chosen range. Why some numbers don't match the commentaries' values, as seen at the end of chumashim, for instance,  I don't know. I sure hope my words and verses are all correctly texted.

Sometimes this discrepancy has to do with the 3 piskot in Torah, where a possuk really counts as two. But other inconsistent counts, even as much as an 8 letter difference, or 5 words, exist that I cannot yet grasp. Any help from users would be nice.

I sure hope my data is "otherwise" accurate.

This code was written during a 4-day respite in the Catskills.

UPDATE (Oct. 6/15): Removed this method because of incorrect results!