Thursday, November 26, 2015

New Option for Equidistant Letter Sequences

Good code allows small changes to yield significant features.

By adding a few more lines of javascript code, I introduced a new option in the Equidistant Letters search; Now the user can specify he wants results where his input characters shall be regarded in reverse order.

For example, if his input was “חשמונאי”, he can now also explore the result as if he had entered “יאנומשח”, with this new radio button option in place.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Single Word Hits" is a New Gematria Option

A complaint came my way, why did I not allow capture of gematria words as “single word hits”. The user wanted to screen out all hits where more than one word was involved. He justified this because he wanted to explore relationships between gematria-equal single words, thinking he could speculate on their shared value. He made a wise point and therefore I introduced among the 4 options already available - a 5th option: A “single word hits” option. Glad to have obliged and make a customer happy.

Next thing you know, someone'll want only pairs of words, or trios only. I dread thinking to now incorporate a "How many words should manifest?" algorithm.

Now at version 32.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Gematria Valuation Option

I introduced to the Gematria search options the ability to choose from different ways of figuring gematria. Until now it was just the “regular” calculus. Now you can also choose the “at-bash” valuation method.

Now, if I want to add another valuation method, it'll be a lot easier to implement.

No change in HTML, a few bytes added to CSS, and a few lines of javascript, and voila. My files neatly separate design, structure and function making maintenance or further development a rather simple undertaking. Boruch Hashem.