Monday, June 29, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NEW Search Method Implemented

Glad to report, and thankful to Hashem, that I've added a new search method to the original 5.

This 6th method, called "equally-spaced embedded text", takes your character input and searches across the range of scripture you specified (Start and End parameters on the Home Page), reporting all places this string is found evenly spread out, using the skip factor 100 as the maximum characters to skip over.

For now the only option is to choose one of two skip ranges. A future option might be SameOrder/AnyOrder. Another option would be to allow for a greater skip factor.

Unlike the other 5 searches, this search often suffers a significant latency. But I did manage to decimate the response time from an earlier version (which I never posted).

Please do report a bug if you catch one!

Come to think of it, inasmuch as this program is driven by javascript, it's all happening at the user's browser platform, and not on a remote server's, which ought therefore to enhance its steady performance - I would think.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Setting Range on Home Page of

You may want to change the search range from its defaults, FROM: Beraishis TO: End of וזאת הברכה, to, instead, say, FROM: Tehilim TO: Tehilim.

This, in effect, means, "Look only into Sefer Tehilim"; Just search תהילים!

Depending on which limit you first set, an alert dialog box might insist you set the other boundary first. I can't well explain it, but just set the limits so the 1st parameter is less than the second. Usually, if you set the last parameter first, you can avoid this annoying feature.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Solo Possuk in Tehilim

Random searches sometimes reveal unique results. I punched in my son’s name, with his parents’ names included. No possuk in Torah shares that name’s gematria.

However, one sole possuk in Tehilim does.

Another interesting tidbit: This possuk in Tehilim starts with and ends in a yud (“bookends” => “יי”). Although in Tehilim plenty exist, only one possuk in all Torah has this feature.

Tehilim Added to the Database

Glad to say our database has expanded to include the sefer Tehilim, against which all available search methods can be applied.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Prophecy that Came to Naimonides

Here is the result of searching (in all of Torah) Roshei Teivot, every 3rd letter of successive words, for אבנר:

I don't recall the story exactly but that one of Naimonides' students had jettisoned his Jewish heritage and converted; Later he approached Naimonides and the student, of considerable status by now, confronted and put to test the faith of his x-teacher (Naimonides); He questioned the truth of Naimonides' assertion that all people are mentioned in the parsha of Ha'azinu. He, the student, could never find it so it cannot be a true teaching.

Naimonides asked Hashem in prayer to send him a prophetic vision, and when said spiritual revelation materialized he gave the student the answer to his riddle and, also miraculously, the words foretold this student's demise. For the student, in order to rectify his past weighty, sinful "luggage", he had to disappear. In fact, his destiny remained undiscovered. The meaning of these 4 words is, "I will terminate them, eradicate their remembrance from mankind".

UPDATE: Here's a wonderful lecture on this story of the Ramban, and the correct version of it: LINK


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