Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Simple Storyboard Underlying

Toraware's website has a simple paradigm. It has only 3 pages. Yet this minimal set of pages runs many powerful searches with instant results. It's a compact, streamlined multi-tool for searching Tanach (a Jewish "Swiss army knife").

The Home Page offers a list of methods to search by. There you can change the range of text to search. And there you can set the number of "hits" you want to display.

Page 2 is the Options Page. Because each category has its own options, the user can here override the default settings. Here too is where the user's input is taken.

Page 3, the Results Page, shows all the "hits" for the method and options the user chose. The title on this page summarizes the method and options chosen, so the user need not remember them or go back to see what they were.

It works like, and appears like, a mobile app in a smartphone.
From page 2 the user can return to page 1.
From page 3 the user can return to page 2.

 METHODS                   OPTIONS                    RESULTS
________ <==>  ________ <==>  ________   
  Home                 Options              Results
   Page                    Page                  Page

Page 1) A choice of methods to query by; And two global options.
Page 2) Options available for that chosen method. Here the user enters his input.
Page 3) Shows matching results, each hit detailed in a list.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Little "Bug" Detected and Fixed

The result-page to the left shows the title incorrectly rendering (after using the search method of "possuk's gematria factors"). Therein, instead of displaying the sum of the letter input correctly, javascript placed an "NaN" there instead.

This now stands corrected.