Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Gematria Option Added

It occurred to me consecutive possukim can hold a desired gematria value. Until now only single whole possukim were searched (or words within and across possukim could also be requested.)

Accordingly, this new option resolves that demand. Now more than one whole possuk is looked at to determine if they equal the user's gematria value.

The Results Page will show all successive whole possukim that yield the user's input value.

Now at version 29.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Two New Search Methods Added

In response to a suggestion, I added two new methods:

Roshei Possukim finds the letters in the user's input string where each letter is the first letter of a possuk, in a sequence of possukim.

While testing my code I noticed that so many of Torah's possukim start with the letter Vov. For example, from Shmot 1:11 there are 52 possukim in a row that begin with Vov!

(Only the letter Yud beats out the count of Vovs in Torah.)

Sofei Possukim does the same thing - only this time the last letter of the possuk is relevant.

Now at version 27.