Sunday, November 18, 2018

Found a Bug in the New Options of the "Find a Word" Method

Suppose you seek the letters בח, and the program comes across the word במזבח.

My logic was: If the Bais yields a hit, as it does, on the 1st Bais in במזבח,
then I'll search for the letter ח next.

If these letters are grouped together, then the "BOUND" qualification is true. But here, because the first ב and the ח are not grouped together, I get a false result -- because there's another ב in the word that does have a ח bound to it, which I fail to detect.

I'm back at the drawing board and must resort to deploying the 49th version until I resolve this bug.

UPDATE: (11/20/18):
Redid the code (more modular and less complicated) and now, thank G-d, it's flawless. Reinstalled as Version 53.

The Options Page of the "Find a Word" method is now, again, like this:

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